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Television is a Vampire That Feeds on Writers

Today, as usual, I procrastinated quite a bit before sitting down to do this post. I ate a bagel, watched a few shaky, grainy teaser trailers captured via fans’ cell phones at San Diego Comic Con (one of them was … Continue reading

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In the Future We Will Drink Orange Juice From Beer Bottles

The other night I saw into the future. It happened as I was enjoying a nice cold Heineken. Normal night. I kept flicking the glass with my finger, as I usually do that when having a beer. Typically, I keep doing it until … Continue reading

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In Response to Outcry, Netflix Swaps New Logo for Simple MSWord Font

In response to customer outcry regarding it’s recent logo change, Netflix has changed direction again and released yet another logo, this one set in black “papyrus” font. This marks the second logo change in less than a week, causing some doubt … Continue reading

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3D-Printed Pizza: A Review

So I got lucky enough to try out one of the new consumer-level 3D Pizza Printers. This is the 112A-series by Solution Solutions Inc, the computer that made headlines a few weeks ago after they successfully 3D-printed a fully-functional 3D … Continue reading

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Making Pizza With 3D Printers

Making Pizza with 3D Printers It’s not delivery. It’s not Dijorno. This time it’s Hewlett Packard. A recent article on Space.com suggested that, in time, 3D printers will reach a point where they could conceivably “print” actual cheese pizzas. With … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: “Broke”

Broke Brent carried the fixed-up television under his arm and glanced up at grey sky. A frisky wind whipped through his short red hair. He could already feel moisture on his skin and now he could see shrinking skin smudges … Continue reading

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3 Unorthodox Ways to Get Your Mechanic to Give You a Break

Going to the mechanic can be a scary thing, especially when you don’t know all that much about cars. You try and look calm, sound tough, pretend you’re dying and therefore deserve sympathy, but still you feel your mechanic’s cold … Continue reading

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