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Weather Forecast: Blognado!

Quick! Everyone, run for cover! It’s coming for you like a bat out of hell — Blognado! Roaring through the WordPress prairie, flinging cows, upending barns, and hurling random practicallyserious html links through your computer screen. Quick, duck! Here comes https://practicallyserious.com/2013/06/29/always-having-a-stuffy-nose-6-benefits/ … Continue reading

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“Get Highpants” Part 6

Funny Short Stories: “Get Highpants” Part 6 As he dragged the wounded T. Bennet into the living room—where the remaining three Exterminators had sort of taken it upon themselves to set up base camp—Styles heard R. C. Nutmeg’s scream down … Continue reading

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5 Better Reasons Not to Stick a Knife in a Toaster

Yeah yeah yeah. Everybody knows what happens when you stick a knife in a toaster—you could totally electrocute yourself. Yet for some folks the possibility of electric shock is still not reason enough to abandon their knife-in-toaster lifestyles. For some … Continue reading

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Short Story: “Get Highpants – Part 5”

Saturday Short Stories: “Get Highpants” Part 5 R.C. Nutmeg tip-toed like Hamburglar down the hallway toward the bedroom, but stopped short before he got to the end. There was something there, placed conspicuously dead-center  in the bedroom’s open doorway. Nutmeg’s heart … Continue reading

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They Laughed When I Told Them I’d Create a Humor Blog, But When They Started to Read!—

The Funniest Blog You’ll Read This Year Was Conceived in a Cranberry Bog By Bill Carson, CEO practicallyserious.com I admit. I was a little nervous about starting a humor blog so many years ago. Who would want to read it? … Continue reading

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Amazon Announces Second Drone Delivery Service

On the heels of Amazon’s recent announcement that the popular company wants to begin delivering products to customers via unmanned drones, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demonstrated yet another controversial drone-based delivery service at Saturday’s IndiByte tech conference: Amazon AirBowl. Where … Continue reading

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Saturday Stories: “Get Highpants”

The agency had a special alert system that could tell via sub cranial brain-chip when any of the retired agents were about to start going senile. And then of course Headquarters would send in a squad of fresh young agents … Continue reading

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8 Signs You Have a Heinous Anxiety Problem

It’s an age-old question: Do I have anxiety issues or am I just a total grade-A spaz? It’s hard to be sure. Well yes, maybe a crack team of psychiatrists can give you a definitive answer, but that means you’d … Continue reading

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3D-Printed Pizza: A Review

So I got lucky enough to try out one of the new consumer-level 3D Pizza Printers. This is the 112A-series by Solution Solutions Inc, the computer that made headlines a few weeks ago after they successfully 3D-printed a fully-functional 3D … Continue reading

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How to Make Money With Your Blog: $1000 in a Month

Don’t want to get a real job, eh? You want to bypass the system entirely? No crabby bosses to deal with. No terrible deadlines to meet. No more being made fun of by your coworkers for being “slow?” I get … Continue reading

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