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8 Reasons Your Boyfriend Calls You “Baby”

Okay baby, check it out. Here at practicallyserious.com I get a lot of questions regarding relationship advice. As well I should. One question I’ve been getting a lot of lately is this: “Hey Prac, what does it mean when a … Continue reading

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In Response to Outcry, Netflix Swaps New Logo for Simple MSWord Font

In response to customer outcry regarding it’s recent logo change, Netflix has changed direction again and released yet another logo, this one set in black “papyrus” font. This marks the second logo change in less than a week, causing some doubt … Continue reading

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9 Reasons Men Should Pee Sitting Down (URGENT!!!)

(Don’t Pee Before Reading This!) Since the dawn of the toilet bowl the rules have been pretty clear. Men pee standing up. Women pee sitting/squatting. It’s just sorta how the cards fell. Absolutely no logic behind it. But why should … Continue reading

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5 Stupid Things About Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity”

I recently took another look at Alfonso Cuarón’s 2013 film, Gravity, curious as to whether I’d been too hard on it with my original movie review. With a second viewing, I wanted first to see how well the special effects … Continue reading

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Hazlet, New Jersey: You’ll Wish You Had Less Fun

practicallyserious Travel Blog: Hazlet, N.J. Known for its “Jersey Strong” charm and convenient access to many popular Jersey Shore destinations and attractions, Hazlet is a little town with a lot to offer. Be sure to make it a two-day visit; … Continue reading

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Phantom WordPress “Likes”

Phantom WordPress “Likes” Hello readers of practicallyserious.com. Paranormal Blogging-Investigator Bob Wickipy here with my videographer Lawrence Tolchin. Sorry we’re so late but please understand we’ve been terribly busy since the last time we visited this particular blog. Lot of paranormal … Continue reading

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