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How Eddie Murphy Lost His Funniness: 8 Theories

What happened to Eddie Murphy? The comic legend’s hugely anticipated appearance at February’s SNL 40th anniversary special on NBC had a lot of us secretly hoping for a much overdo return-to-form. And if ever there were an occasion for Eddie Murphy to … Continue reading

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This Natural Ice Formation is Just Plain Nuts!

I felt the need to share this with my readers. My cousin recently sent me this photograph of a twig covered in ice. This is an undoctored photograph of a real event that occurred in nature, taken during the latest … Continue reading

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The Heartwarming Tale of A Man and His Lightning Bug

“Free Willy Philly” If you stopped by yesterday, you learned that an errant lightning bug had somehow managed to navigate its way all the way from my back patio to my bedroom, where it then dive bombed my head and … Continue reading

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