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Weather Forecast: Blognado!

Quick! Everyone, run for cover! It’s coming for you like a bat out of hell — Blognado! Roaring through the WordPress prairie, flinging cows, upending barns, and hurling random practicallyserious html links through your computer screen. Quick, duck! Here comes https://practicallyserious.com/2013/06/29/always-having-a-stuffy-nose-6-benefits/ … Continue reading

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Inner-Blog Violence Erupts Over “Normal” Blog-Post

Recent practicallyserious.com blog-post “Religious Similarities Between Ancient Assyria and Ancient Greece” has been moved to the practicallyserious.com sheriff’s department as a precautionary measure following a random act of property damage earlier today. Reports indicate that a large brick was thrown … Continue reading

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My 100th Post (a scary accomplishment)

My 100th Post (a scary accomplishment) This post marks the 100th post of practicallyserious.com. Actually, it’s more like 104 or 105, but there were some posts I disowned directly after publishing them, consigning them forever to the shadows of the … Continue reading

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