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“Riddick” Review

It’s official. By muscling through to a third movie, the “Riddick” franchise survived a messy suicide attempt. After the surprise success and lasting popularity of Pitch Black, writer/director David Twohy did something naughty: he decided to shift the genre for his … Continue reading

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7 Unexpected Energy-Efficiency Tips for the Homeowner

Want to save some money on your next electricity bill? Well, it’s not gonna happen by simply reading and re-reading all those generic “make your home more energy efficient” articles on the Internet. If you’ve read one you’ve read them … Continue reading

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Help! There’s a Contact Lens Lost Inside My Head!

What to do when there’s a contact lens lost behind your eye You’re ready to turn in for the night. You take contact lens #1 out of your left eye and drop it into the appropriate side of the little … Continue reading

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