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All’s Well That End’s Well: Bittersweet Music and End Credits

I’m listening to the Beatles’ “Baby You’re a Rich Man” right now, a song which I always used to consider one of the filler tracks on Magical Mystery Tour. In fact, if the Beatles needed to cut one of the … Continue reading

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When a Movie Crosses over from Predictable to Unpredictably Predictable

I watched a lame, by-the-numbers DVD movie the other night, and something unexpected happened: I observed and catalogued a brilliant new cinematic phenomenon. Basically, the movie, The Purge (starring Ethan Hawke), was so outrageously predictable, Iit crossed over into the unpredictable. Let … Continue reading

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The Amazing Netflix Exercise Plan

Netflix helps you get more fit. Did you know that? Let me explain… I pretty much jog two miles every day. Any more than that—three, fours miles—and it becomes too much; I start not wanting to do it anymore. Two … Continue reading

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“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Overachieves, Big Time

There was a moment early on in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes where an army of horse-ridin’ chimpanzees march through the ruins of San Francisco as a calculated show of power. It was a brilliantly composed shot, accompanied … Continue reading

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Ultimate Would You Rather: Kevin Smith’s Underwear vs. Dying Jaguar

While the votes for UWYR 1 are still trickling in (it’s still not too late to have a say!), the time has come for another edition of Ultimate-Would-You-Rather. Today’s installment will challenge your creativity and push your imagination to the … Continue reading

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