Short Stories

Stories and sketches written just for this blog!

Short Stories

Attack of the Wolf/Cat Monstrosity


The Cat’s Apprentice (Robot Short Story)

Duck Lake

Attack of the Giant Beast

Thanksgiving Splurge

The Crawling Hand (With a Gun)

“Trivago Guy” Fan Fiction

How the Sai Island Seahorses Happened

The Sea Train

Jert Zylan vs. the Cytard

Jert Zylan vs. the Cytard II

It is I Who Lick the Garbage (Crazy Moths II)

Billy Wiff (Crazy Moths III)

Brain Polaroids (Crazy Moths IV)

Mr. Scott in the Dust Storm

*    *    *

Practicallyserious Flash Fiction

Box of Peaches (Jert Zylan)

The Scary Robbers

Leap in Literacy

The Barbarian Crazylegs

The Bad-Ass Bet

Outside Bets

Pancakes and Beer

Yessenia’s Turbine

The Horizon Dash

Crazy Moths

Biggest Backyard


Head in the Clouds

The Pig

Big Move


Bigger Brother

Lead Balloon

Two Rings


Bad Handle


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