Scary Goodness

Kind words from Candace! We’re on a first name basis now. Read the post to see why!

Candace Vianna Writes

So Peeps, for those not in the know, I like to pretend I’m a professional writer (although in reality, I’m just a boxer wearing gnome with no impulse control and an overwhelming need for attention.) At the end of my writerly day, I  reward my professional self with select reads from my fellow pretenders, but I rarely publicly comment on a colleague’s work because I figure that’s a task best left to the unbiased professional consumer (a.k.a our literary audience.)

Any-hoo, I was on Twitter the other day, checking the profiles (I always check) of those foolish enough to follow a profane gnome (there’s a mute button and  I’ll never know you’re using it… just saying,) and one of the fools, @PracSerious   announced their thirteen page read was free on Amazon and politely requested (on their own profile) readers to give a try and maybe leave a…

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