Robot Short Story “Humanesque” Available on Amazon

robot short stories

New robot short story “Humanesque” available for download at! Click the image to visit the page.

My second Amazon short story was released on Amazon today. Who wants to be the first to read it and give me a rating on Amazon?

From Amazon:

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were looking at a timid human child dressed up as a robot for Halloween. Skitz is a machine like no other. His exterior plating, made of glossy plastic resin, looks typical enough, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Thanks to his system of polymer-fiber muscles and tendons, his movement has a humanesque grace never before seen in an automaton. Nearly any gesture attemptable by a human of similar size, from cartwheels all the way down to nervous fidgeting, Skitz can do just as well.

Especially the nervous fidgeting. He’s got that down.
Under the mentorship of an affectionate human mentor, Skitz learned to move and work as humans do, but it wasn’t long before eerily human mannerisms began to flavor his behaviors. A trembling of the hands. A sheepishness in his gait. A distinctive personality emerged: Skitz was a major wimp.

Though the technicians insist that Skitz’s “jitters” are simply an illusion resulting from his realtime defensive proactivity, a mere function of his governing algorithm, chief behaviorist Paula Kingsley is not so sure. There is something in Skitz’s apparent anxiousness that rings a little too close to home.

With only hours left before Skitz is taken out of her custody, Paula and her cynical associate Philip O’Bannon, must find a way to convince their superiors, and themselves, that Skitz has somehow developed a mind of his own.

But how do you prove such a thing, when your whole argument is based on the humanesque movements for which the robot was designed in the first place?

It’s harder than you think.


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