“Zombie Planetfall” New Zombie Book Series!

zombie planetfall

Please read (and vote on) the first installment of my new Zombie book series “Zombie Planetfall!”

I’ve recently started an account with Wattpad, the “YouTube-for-writers.” It’s a platform for fiction writers to share new work, and have that work be voted-on for increased website prominence. I decided to hit the ground running with a new Zombie series that will be released in fun, easy-to-read installments every Sunday. Please check out my first installment and, if you like where things are going, give me a quick Upvote.

Synopsis: A group of astronauts is forced to abandon the International Space Station and return to a zombie-infested Earth, where each crew member must draw on his or her highly specialized skill-set to survive the radiated zombie horde.

Click here for the story: http://w.tt/1KUpA2e

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