Special Offer: A Review for a Review!


My horror short story “Green Thumb” is FREE until Monday! Give me a review and let me know and I’ll immediately return the favor!

Hello everyone! Today is Day 2 of my free book giveaway, and I have an extra special offer to share with my fellow WordPress bloggers (or fellow free-book-giveawayers).

If anyone is willing to download my FREE (very) short story from Amazon, read it, and, most importantly, leave a review with Amazon, I will happily return the favor post haste!

Once you leave me a review on Amazon, let me know about it, and then I’ll go ahead and study up on your blog and give you a dedicated write-up on practicallyserious.com, including a backlink! OR, if you’re giving away a free eBook like me, I’ll be happy to get a copy and leave you a review on Amazon or wherever you’d like!

Not a bad deal, considering my free short horror story is a whopping 12 pages long and can be read in ten minutes!

Remember: you DON’T NEED A KINDLE to read this story! You can read it right on Amazon’s built-in reader. Easy as pie.

So click on my story’s cover or follow this link to Amazon and get yourself a back link/review today!

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