5 Reasons the New Sony Walkman Costs So Much

new sony walkman

Sony’s new digital NW-Zx2 Walkman packs some premium features to help rationalize its hefty price tag. But are these enough?

It’s back in the news, people. The Walkman! Perhaps hoping to cash in on the trend of 80’s nostalgia, Sony Corp. recently announced a new version of its famed Walkman device, set for release in 2015. This new device is sort of like your iPod Classic but with one major difference—this one will cost you $1,100 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly: the price tag comes to four digits. And that’s without the extended warranty.


The Sony NW-ZX2 Walkman is touted as a high resolution digital audio device. Using a special digital amplifier, this amazing device can apparently “reproduce master quality recordings just as the artists originally intended.” It’ll reduce distortion and make for a noticeably cleaner sound than you’re typical used to. Sweet.

But surely for $1,100 of hard earned cash the NW-ZX2 does more than simply clean up the sound a bit. If Sony actually believes anyone’s going to abandon their iPods and music-swollen Smartphones for this seemingly anachronistic device, there must be something more here. There HAS to be a reason it costs that much!

Well, I did a little sneaking around and yep, I’ve discovered 5 tech specs that totally explain why the new Song Walkman comes with such a high price tag.

5 Reasons the New Sony Walkman Costs $1,100

  1. The device comes with a long-lost 1973 Beatles reunion album that no one—not even Paul McCartney himself—remembers doing. Brand new songs. But it’s only listenable through the device’s proprietary codec, so you can only hear it on the NW-ZX2 (sorry, no YouTube).
  2. The device doesn’t just make your songs “sound” better, it uses advanced software to break down and restructure your songs to literally make them “be” better. Like, for instance, if you listen to a Maroon 5 song on this device it’ll actually turn out to be an awesome song. I’m talking it’ll sound like “Exile on Main Street”-era Rolling Stones.
  3.  The device gives you insider stock trading tips as it transitions between songs. You’ll make a killing in the market if you set this puppy on “shuffle.”
  4. The device uses a landmark algorithm to compose and perform its own songs. Meaning you never have to buy new music so long as you dig the NW-ZX2’s unique writing style. Which is pretty decent, actually. Paramore meets John Denver is the best way I can describe it.
  5. The device has an option to make all vocals, no matter who the original artist is, sound like they were spoken by John F. Kennedy during a television interview circa 1963. If you’re a fan of that kind of accent you’ll gladly fork out a grand for this option alone. Quite a conversation piece. Or else it’s just bloatware.

Check out Rolling Stone’s article about the amazing new Sony NW-Zx2 Walkman 

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3 Responses to 5 Reasons the New Sony Walkman Costs So Much

  1. jcampbell94 says:

    Reblogged this on Tech Gazette.

  2. Doobster418 says:

    Well, to be honest with you, given my tinnitus and mild hearing loss, even an $1,100 device probably wouldn’t make the music sound all that much better to me. Good to know, and maybe a harbinger of things to come in the world of downloadable music, but you gotta count me out on this one.

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