The Nomadic Tribes That Make Up My Social Network

nomadic tribes funny

There is no central government or philosophy to help unify my different tribes of friends.

Today’s daily prompt, presented by The Daily Post, is: If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?

This is a hard one, actually. This question presupposes that you have some kind of unified group of friends who all hang out with each other and collaborate on new things to say about you behind your back. My friends still do that, but they don’t form together like Voltron to do it. They are like scattered nomadic tribes always threatening to impinge upon the frayed edges of the late period Roman Empire. There’s no contact between the clans, no dialogue. Really, if they could only gather under the banner of a single leader, they could easily conquer me and force me to go to the diner with them all the time. As it is, I am able keep them at bay.

The point of this metaphor is: one Friend-clan would come up with a completely different “Me” object than the next. One clan knows me as a sky diver, the next knows me as a scuba diver. The scuba club would never say “parachute” if you asked them this question.

I honestly couldn’t come up with an answer that would satisfy all the tribes. I wanted to say something lame like “my notebook,” but some of the more feral, dangerous tribes don’t even know I consider myself a writer. They think of me more as guy who drinks vodka out of a gatorade bottle.

But then I figured it out. The one real common denominator, the one object that all my different friends clans would independently associate with me, is…

My head.

Because everything else is totally subject to change, depending on the social environment—how I talk, what I say, what I wear, what weapon I wield, what spells I cast—but my head never really changes. I may wear a hat with some friend clans and go hatless with others, but my head never really changes. Or, if you think the hat thing constitutes a change in head, then let’s just say my face is the “object” that never changes.

Then again, I wear glasses with some friend clans and go face-naked with other. I’d say that probably constitutes a change in face. Therefore I’m going to have to modify my answer again. Now it’s my nose/mouth region. If you asked the leaders of each of my different friend clans which object they most immediately associate with me, it would be my nose/mouth region. Unless you want to say my glasses-wearing constitutes a change in nose, which would force me to simplify my answer to just the mouth region.

Let’s just say the jawline and call it a day. My jawline pretty consistently has a beard growing on it. I don’t do anything crazy like shave the beard in order to hang out with one group of friends, and then, while driving over to the next group of friends, quickly grow it back. I mean, why would I do that? I’ve settled on at least that aspect of my public persona. The beard aspect.

So, yeah, that’s my answer. The object my friends would most immediately associate with me is my bearded jawline. Eh, that wasn’t so hard.

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1 Response to The Nomadic Tribes That Make Up My Social Network

  1. zareenn3 says:

    I like you. You have such a unique way of thinking.
    But I would agree with the point you’re trying to make. A) it’s not necessary that everyone of your friend hangs out together and B) people you have known from different places or met during different circumstances in your life will have a different image of you in their mind

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