Weather Forecast: Blognado!


Quick! Everyone, run for cover! It’s coming for you like a bat out of hell — Blognado! Roaring through the WordPress prairie, flinging cows, upending barns, and hurling random practicallyserious html links through your computer screen. Quick, duck! Here comes Phew! Close one! Almost had to actually read that funny old blog post about the many benefits to always having a stuffy nose. Oh crap! Here comes a post about unexpected energy efficiency tips to help you save money this summer! It’s heavy and pointy with humor! Duck and roll! Wow, that was a close one. Oh lord, why is this happening to us! We just wanted to enjoy our coffee and look at some cat videos online and now this! Blognado! Oh no, another one. Duck! It’s a random flash fiction story about a special train that glides on tracks that sit suspended on the turbulent the ocean surface. Help! It’s too much entertainment for our WordPress village to handle. This will surely be the end of us…

I suggest that any and all survivors meet up in the practicallyserious archives. There’s hot chocolate there and soup and company and blankets and yes, plenty of entertainment!

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2 Responses to Weather Forecast: Blognado!

  1. Definitely have some catching up to do!

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