In Response to Outcry, Netflix Swaps New Logo for Simple MSWord Font

netflix logo change funny

Keep it simple stupid: Netflix goes with a new logo set in Microsoft Word’s “papyrus” font.

In response to customer outcry regarding it’s recent logo change, Netflix has changed direction again and released yet another logo, this one set in black “papyrus” font. This marks the second logo change in less than a week, causing some doubt with investors regarding Netflix’s leadership and long-term decision making.

In a recent interview on Fox News, financial analysis Tim Bake said,  “This second unprovoked logo change is the most awkward business maneuver since Netflix’s ridiculously ill-advised attempt in 2011 to rename its DVD-rental business ‘Qwikster.’ As if they were about to start making pancakes or sugary drinks or something. Remember that nonsense? This week’s flippant streak of logo changes shows us that Netflix hasn’t learned the key lesson from that episode: people love Netflix brand as it is! Or was.”

Netflix was quick to respond. “First of all, the Qwikster thing?” said Netflix executive Randall Perkins, “That was just a calculated thought experiment. No, actually, better yet—it was an April Fool’s prank.” Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, he quickly changed the subject. “This whole logo mess started once we decided we wanted to go with something a bit simpler than what we’d done before. Simplicity is key. Our original logo had instant recognition factor, yes, it was, quite frankly, a thing of real beauty. Brand loyalty and confidence was a major factor in our success in the the Great Rental War vs. Blockbuster Video. Most other companies wished they had a logo like that!

“But we always felt our beloved logo was too complex,” Perkins continued with a shrug. “I mean, drop-shadow? Freaking red background? Nobody else does that. They have normal simple logos. Like Facebook. We were starting to get all self conscious and insecure like the girl at the prom who had to wear her mom’s dress. So we changed it to a somewhat generic-looking red font, which we set on a plain white background.”

But the replacement logo—which some felt lacked character and originality—caused a massive uproar, which some quarters are now calling “Logo-Gate.” In response, Netflix changed direction yet again, this time going with a simple black logo of “papyrus” font, popular with many small mom and pop businesses and also program handouts for high school plays. Papyrus is readily available in many popular word processing applications such as Microsoft Word.

“Last week’s new red-letter logo felt great,” said Perkins, “but then we realized that we were still kinda sticking out in a crowd, which is bad. There are so many companies out there that just use simple black fonts to sell their product or business, and yet here we are with this fancy logo with red letters? Again, we felt like a girl wearing her mom’s dress to the prom. I mean, hell, we were literally wearing the ‘scarlet letter’ like Demi Moore!  We just want to blend in, folks. So yeah, we changed our logo in reflection of our renewed commitment to simplicity and neatness and normalcy.”

But what’s to stop Netflix from changing their logo yet again? Nothing much, apparently. “We’re currently looking into Times New Roman,” said Perkins. “That’s a good one. We’ll see.”


So readers, what do you think of Netflix’s unprovoked logo change? Bear in mind I’m talking about the one right before the Papyrus…


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4 Responses to In Response to Outcry, Netflix Swaps New Logo for Simple MSWord Font

  1. I think they are way overthinking it…

  2. Doobster418 says:

    Much ado about nothing, as some bard once wrote. I mean really, who cares what the logo looks like? Are people going to stop streaming movies and cancel their Netflix subscriptions because of the color or style of the font? Seriously, a “customer outcry”? I think there are way more important matters deserving of outcries than the Netflix logo! Sheesh!

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