Let’s Play Blog-Archive Roulette


Do you have what it takes to win big at Blog Archive Roulette? I saved you a seat…

Okay, gather round. Today we’re going to play a most dangerous blogging game. It’s called “Archive Roulette,” and it’s a lot like Russian Roulette except it has to do more with my blog archive than quasi-suicidal fortune hunters. Archive Roulette is a daring game of chance, meant only for real men and women with plenty of nerve. Your reward for winning? You get to read one of my funniest-ever archival posts. Your penalty for losing? You get sent to a terrible place that you’ll never want to go again.

The rules are simple. I’m going to present you with the six “chambers” of an imaginary blog gun, and you have to pick one of them. Five of the chambers are empty/safe, and if you pick one of them you get to read one of my best posts ever. But one of the chambers is loaded, and if you pick that, you’re in for a surprise.

Do you have the guts to play Archive Roulette? Then step right up and pick a chamber at random.

You must choose, but choose wisely…

 Blog Gun

If you’d like to play another practicallyserious game of chance, check out my Ultimate Would-You-Rather

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3 Responses to Let’s Play Blog-Archive Roulette

  1. Not nice at all. Given the opportunity, I checked each one to find my
    number 5 fully loaded.

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