A Month of “Real” Blogging, Starting Now…


I’m planning on using the letters Q, W, A, and S quite a lot this July.

This month I’m going to do something unprecedented here at practicallyserious.com: I’m going to publish a new post every single day. No more worrying so much about quality control or whether what I’ve written fits the overall theme of this blog (which it probably doesn’t, because there is no overall theme). I’m just going to sort of let it all hang out there, for better or for worse. I will write about the most random of things, like staplers, box fans, computer mice, and coffee cups, and whether or not Thomas Jefferson probably smelled. I’m going to be a real blogger who writes about whatever’s on his mind, no matter how asinine.

There’ll be some fiction too, but just a little. My funny spy story about senile secret agent Edgar Plome (ret.)? Well, that story-like object will finally come to its exciting conclusion too, because that’ll eat up a good day or two. There will be a return of some other practicallyserious classics too, so stayed tuned.

Also, I’m taking requests, so if anyone wants me to write on any subject in particular, let me know.  This month I’m going to be a real blogger! I’m so afraid excited!

Okay. Day 1—complete (phew!)

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2 Responses to A Month of “Real” Blogging, Starting Now…

  1. Doobster418 says:

    Good luck. It will be fun reading what you come up with. I’ve been blogging just about daily since the beginning of this year and the general consensus is that a number of my posts are asinine. I guess that makes me a “real blogger.” Welcome to the club!

    • Bill Carson says:

      thanks! I’ll strive to match your standard of daily quality as I launch into this month. Maybe, just MAYBE, I can reach AEV (Asinine Escape Velocity).

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