They Laughed When I Told Them I’d Create a Humor Blog, But When They Started to Read!—

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Bill Carson writes humor posts the old fashioned way: by being silly.

The Funniest Blog You’ll Read This Year Was Conceived in a Cranberry Bog

By Bill Carson, CEO

I admit. I was a little nervous about starting a humor blog so many years ago. Who would want to read it? What did I even have to say? I was scared the whole thing would be an exercise in stupidity. Thought it would be a big ol’ waste of time. Boy was I wrong! Now my blog, practicallyserious, is one of the most popular humor websites in the territories because it gives its readers exactly what they crave. So who’s laughing now?

100% Free Entertainment

Part of the appeal of practicallyserious is that each of its blog posts are absolutely free to read. No expensive subscriptions or complicated sign-ups required. Readers just show up, read whatever the heck they want, and leave. Lickety split. No commitments necessary. Complete strangers can show up at any moment of the night, binge of the blog’s unique brand of humor, and then high tail it out of here. All humor transactions are as discrete and anonymous as you want them to be. No paper trail. No nosey neighbors. That’s the practicallyserious way.

Top Quality Control & Assurance

Every blog post published on practicallyserious has gone through an extensive revision process to ensure the product is the best it can possibly be. Every post enjoys at least two dedicated revision sessions after the initial build, and at least one full day “cooling off” period before it’s ever “greenlit” for publication on the website.  But heck, quality control doesn’t stop there. Not by darn sight! Further after-the-fact revision continues long after a post’s initial publication date. Our small, familial staff here at practicallyserious routinely goes back and “touches up” posts published as far back as three years ago. We figure: as our humor-writing methods and technology get more advanced and our product gets better, why shouldn’t all of our posts benefit? Practicallyserious doesn’t forget the veterans. They’re the ones who got us here!

We’re For the Working Man

Practicallyserious is brought to you by a small-but-dedicated team of cranberry farmers based just outside of Baton Rogue, Louisiana. We’re not doing this “writing stuff” to get rich—we’re not one of those greedy humor corporations you keep hearing about. Huh? Why don’t we care about money? Because we’re already rich, in the sense that we lead fulfilling, productive lives. Wading in the bogs for much of the day, stirring cranberries, looking silly in our wacky waterproof pants, there’s a sense of accomplishment and usefulness you just don’t get working in Humor Cubicle Number 25. And our humor is 100% organic. We generate our ideas while we’re out there in the water with our cranberry nets. We think up jokes while we’re smiling fondly at our sons. This way our ideas are completely natural and organic. No stress and deadlines and caffeine. No preservatives.

Courteous Customer Service

When our customers have something to say, we listen. Whether it be a compliment/critique on one of our premium blog posts, or a technical question about how to read our product, we’ll reply quickly and courteously. We have someone available to respond to customer queries 24 hours, 7 days a week. Don’t be shy—we enjoy hearing from you.

See for Yourself. Read Us Today

We can go on and on about how our product has won all these blogging awards and a fan base that’s growing so fast it’s, quite frankly, scaring us. But there’s a much better way to convince you to give us a try. Read us. Try one of our free offerings. If our trademark brand of humor isn’t for you, we’ll courteously wish you a great day and that’s that. We lose a potential customer, which stinks, but you lose nothing at all. In fact, you gain something: the knowledge that you never want to read us again in the future. And that’s knowledge you get to keep, free of charge.

Click on this humor link to peruse some articles from our popular Humor line. You have nothing to lose.


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4 Responses to They Laughed When I Told Them I’d Create a Humor Blog, But When They Started to Read!—

  1. Is humor really for the working man? Because I thought Bruce Springsteen was.

    • Bill Carson says:

      You’re right about that. Sometimes I try so hard to write a funny post, but I feel like I’m just dancing in the dark. I miss my glory days. Thanks for sampling my product!

  2. cestlavie22 says:

    lol do you moonlight as a marketer?! You would be a natural!

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