Grand Opening of V.I.P. Lounge for “Gentlemen” Blog-Posts

gentleman's lounge

Merry Christmas!

I’m pleased to announce the grand opening of the long-overdo V.I.P. Lounge for gentlemanly, distinguished, can-do blog posts. Though this project has suffered from a few delays brought on by rampant corruption and mismanaged funds — the likes of which would make President Ulysses S. Grant’s cabinet members proud — the money finally got to where it was supposed to go and the mahogany-infused V.I.P. Lounge is open for business! Please come by and visit. Here’s the address: Furthest “page tab” to the right. You’ll find it just below this blog’s Site Title.

The club’s first official member is  none other than Mr. “How to Prepare a Chicken for Dinner.” This gentleman proved to be more than simply a witty conversationalist, he also turned out to be a man-about-town, and a favorite card buddy of site administrator Fred Fingery. He’s going to be lonely sitting there by the hearth all by himself, so please stop by and shake his hand. Firmly, if possible.

Click the following link if you want to read about the original “breaking ground” announcement. V.I.P. Lounge for Blog-Posts: Coming Soon.

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