3D Printer Fiction: “Inch By Inch” Part 4


Inch By Inch (Part 4)

As he crawled he saw little blue popping stars and everything seemed too white. It made him think of the scenes in movies when dudes die and go to heaven and try to talk God into letting them be alive. Keep going kid, said God in his head. Inch by inch. Little by little. Scrape, crunch, scrape, crunch. Linus tried his best to listen to the God advice. He didn’t want to die, mainly because that would mean he’d never get to go buck wild with his dad’s 3D printer. For Linus, just thinking about using that 3d printer pizza was like having your own Christmas morning soda dispenser.

He crawled toward the quiet house as the sun dropped behind the treeline. Goodbye sun, but it’s still hot. The grassdirt beneath him was like your mattress when you can’t sleep at night and it’s all hot from your body, only the whole ground was like that and you couldn’t flip over the pillow. In fact, Linus may or may not have passed out from hotness for a few minutes by the coiled up hose that was sun faded and spider-generating. Even if I make it through the doggie door, thought Linus, there will be no traditional food in the house. Beatrice is like a piranha and food in the house is like a man’s head that got dunked in a tank with piranhas by angry mob guys. No, there will be no food in the house. That’s reason number 2 for why they’ve all gone to Denny’s. At the moment I forget reason number 1…

Will Linus survive long enough to get to the 3D pizza printer? Stay tuned! Until then, relive all previous installments!

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2 Responses to 3D Printer Fiction: “Inch By Inch” Part 4

  1. roarke10 says:

    Fresh, original, good stuff. The crawling bit is a perfect catalyst. Yeah, I dig it.

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