3D Printer Fiction: “Inch By Inch” Part 3


Inch By Inch (Part 3)

Nobody home, he realized now. They were all consoling themselves about his death. At Denny’s. There were some good family deals there, which was good because his family liked making excuses to go there. They loved slams. A dead Linus was a good excuse to get a slam or even go to the Angus Steakhouse. Selfish them. They just cared about big floppy menus and buttered toast. All the eating they were probably doing! Laughing at their own excitement at having ordered big powdery waffles. His stomach, which had given up on growling days before, growled.

Linus was now squirming in the long grass of the backyard inch by inch. There were crickets (the jet black kind you put powder on and feed to your lizard) and one of them bounced off his forehead and it felt like someone flicking you in the head with their finger. At the cricket Linus pruned his forehead and thought, If I had more energy I’d eat you then kill you you damn bug. Then poop you out then pee you out. And he was so tired and delirious he didn’t even realize that made no sense…

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