New “3D Pizza Printer Drama” Airing Soon


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Okay. This blog has been constipated for too long. It’s time to get regular again. At least for a while. Brace yourselves! And I have just the thing to help loosen practicallyserious’s creative bowels:  A couple months ago I conceived of a grand experiment meant to drive more 3D Pizza Printer-related traffic to my blog. I came up with a very special 3D Printer serial drama. Something that you would see on the Lifetime channel if this were cable television. I figured I’d write an epic tale concerning 3D Printers and then slowly let it squeal onto my blog like when you make a party balloon fart away its life essence. But by the time I was done I thought I had created the next The Sound and the Fury, and I didn’t want to waste it as a mere blog post. I wanted to maybe get it published in some short bus online literary magazine. But I kinda never got around to polishing the piece up, and eventually I came to my senses and decided to abandon any attempts to get this strange creation published.

So the story goes by the name “Inch By Inch.” It was directed by Fred Fingery, starring Angela Lansbury and Haley Joel Osment. Sadly, Inch By Inch became yet another story orphan–too “good” for practicallyserious’s award-losing fiction department, but far too strange and crude for real publication. Fast forward to today, which finds practicallyserious in a terribly constipated state: only one new blog post over the past two months. Something must be done. I must become Jamie Lee Curtis. I will drop a fizzing tablet of probiotics into practicallyserious’ glass of water. Time to get regular as hell.

“Inch By Inch” will premiere right here on in two days, with new installments coming every two days after that.

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