V.I.P. Lounge for Blog-Posts: Coming Soon

gentleman's lounge

Only practicallyserious.com’s finest, most creatively-rotund posts will be offered membership to the Lounge.

I’m proud to announce plans for a brand new “page” here at practicallyserious.com I’m going to call the “V.I.P. Lounge.” The masons are at work erecting it right now, and so it’ll be ready in like maybe two or three more posts. Essentially what the V.I.P. Lounge is gonna be is like a plush, gentleman’s lounge for some of my favorite posts. A place where these blog-posts of leisure can, with a snifter of cognac in their hands, enjoy each others company and intelligent conversation (mostly mustache grooming tips).

Only practicallyserious.com’s finest will be offered membership to the lounge. Yes, of course the legends like “8 Reasons Men Keep Their Eyes Open When Making Out With Women” and the Patriarch himself: “5 Unorthodox Tips to Help You Save at the Pump.” But also some of the ones most people forgot to love. I’m talking posts that few people ever visited, but ones I’m actually not completely embarrassed about.

What’s that? This isn’t the first time I promised construction of a new page, and last time all my creative funding fall through at the last second? You’re so right. There was that “paragraph orphanage” I started going on about at some point last year. A place to house abandoned/edited paragraphs from some of my non-blog short stories. Problem turned out to be: the great short-story baby-boom slowed down a bit. Kinda left me twiddling my thumbs.

But don’t worry. The V.I.P. Lounge is totally going to happen. And I’ve formed a special committee to nominate the first three (!) members. Why three right off the bat? Why not one at a time? Well, because a blog-post can’t very well enjoy an intelligent cognacky conversation with just himself. And if there were only two blog-posts in the lounge, staring at each other, it might feel a little awkward for them. No! They deserve better. There will be three right off the bat. This way two of them can kinda team up against the third when arguing. This way everyone knows their roles.

Stay tuned folks…

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