Blog Rover Discovers Evidence of Past Humor

Rover discovers rockThe Creativity rover discovered was once a much sillier environment capable of supporting humorous blog posts, according to PSSA (practicallyserious Space Agency) officials. The discovery was made earlier today when Creativity identified and analyzed a strangely marked rock on the surface of the popular blog.

“We’re all very excited here,” said PSSA project director Rupert Sales. “It’s been a long time coming, but the hyperlinks we discovered in this rock indeed prove that, at one point in the distant past, hosted an environment habitable to humorous blog posts. The writing here wasn’t always as lifeless and toxic as it is now.”

Creativity was sent to on August 4, 2012 to search for indications that past conditions on the blog were once favorable for funny blog posts. With the primary mission accomplished, Sales said Creativity will continue to look for signs of past humor on the blog’s surface. “The half-life of Creativity’s power cell is five hundred years,” said Sales. “Our plan is to keep compiling data until equipment failure.”

To experience Creativity’s data, click on the image of the rock below, which the PSSA has named “Slash.”

Cave rock

Please click on the image of the rock to access Creativity’s data.

To follow Creativity’s historic mission from the very beginning, check out Creativity Rover Cleared to Launch.

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2 Responses to Blog Rover Discovers Evidence of Past Humor

  1. List of X says:

    Have they been able to date the traces of humor? I know most humor gets old and dies very quickly, so the traces must be recent.

    • Fred Fingery says:

      I regret to say that the findings have already fallen under heavy scrutiny. Top scientists are suggesting the rover itself brought microscopic humorous compounds into the blog, therefore contaminating the environment.

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