How to Make Money With Your Blog: $1000 in a Month

make money with a blogDon’t want to get a real job, eh? You want to bypass the system entirely? No crabby bosses to deal with. No terrible deadlines to meet. No more being made fun of by your coworkers for being “slow?” I get it. I know what you want. Just you and your blog livin’ the easy life. It’s a nice dream and guess what? You can make it happen! But hold on. Pulling in quick, easy money with your blog is gonna be tricky. It’ll take some courage and luck.

How to make money with a blog

In order to make that kind of money with your blog, the both of you are going to have to break a couple of rules. That kind of dough doesn’t come easy or else everybody would be rolling in it. No, there’s only one way you and your blog can come up with $1000 a month: the timeless “Pig in a poke” con.

The Pig in a Poke con dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. It’s remained popular over the years because it works. It’s the real deal.

So how’s it work? Simple. You and your blog go to the nearest pig market and pose as pig dealers. When the farmers come up to you asking about pigs, tell them you only sell baby pigs. But, since they’re babies, you can let them go for, say, $100 a piece. The farmer may or may not think this is a good deal (I have no idea how much a regular pig should cost. But it doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what the farmer thinks).

If the farmer takes the bait, go ahead and have him pay you the $100 in cash. Then, tell your blog to go out back and fetch the “pig satchel.” Your blog will leave and come back with a burlap sack (the “poke”) filled with a squealing, squirming animal. Hopefully the farmer just takes it and walks away and doesn’t look inside and see the cat. Meanwhile, you and your blog can get the hell out of there.

If you and your blog pull this con ten times in any given month, you just made $1000! It’ll take you a couple days to harvest all those stray cats, otherwise I’d say pull the con twenty days out of the month. Or thirty. Risk is part of the game is you want to make money with a blog.

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