Mars One Reveals Key to Success, Silences Doubters

mars one colonyEarlier today, a representative from Mars One, the company behind the proposed plan to land human settlers on Mars in 2023, silenced some of the most outspoken critics of the project by revealing a key aspect to the proposed, much-criticized one-way mission to Mars. The announcement was made earlier today in the rented office that presently serves as Mars One’s base of operations. But first, a few questions…

Is Mars One Real?

Several state-run media outlets in China have even gone as far as accusing Mars One as being nothing more than an elaborate hoax. These agencies were quick to point out the more than 10,000 Chinese applicants to Mars One’s pool, each of whom paid an $11 fee requires to complete their application for Mars One consideration.

A common criticism: Bas Lansdorp, co-founder and general director of Mars One, has repeatedly spoken about key details using only vague, dodgy language. It remains unclear how Mars One plans to deal with such critical details as safely landing the settlers and protecting the settlers from potentially deadly solar radiation, especially when considering that the Mars One astronauts will supposedly be staying on the Red Planet for the rest of their natural lives.

Is Mars One Possible?

Mars One has fallen under some scrutiny for its lofty goals. Many scientists feel a 2023 landing is completely unrealistic, and believe that keeping humans safe on the surface of mars cannot be done with current technology. As well, the naysayers are pessimistic about the company’s ability to deliver on its aggressive time table, which includes sending an orbiter to the Red Planet in 2016, and a rover in 2018.

Yet Bas Lansdorp holds firm to the fact that the Mars One project is possible with today’s existing technology; the project will rely on no new technological breakthroughs.

Click here to learn more about the proposed factors that will supposedly make Mars One possible.

How Will Mars One Work (Really)?

Today’s announcement promises to assuage much of the general public’s doubt about the project. A representative of the company, who preferred to remain anonymous, revealed to certain member of the Associate Press the answer to the biggest question of all…

According to the Mars One source, the secret that will make Mars One possible is as follows: in 2020, three years before the first set of humans land on Mars, Mars One will implement, via robotic landers, an aggressive terraforming program on the planet. Terraforming, the process of altering a planetary atmosphere to make the world more habitable to humans, is believed by many scientists to be the secret to permanent human settlement on Mars, though most of those scientists were talking about centuries from now.

It seems Mars One, ever the space pioneer, will land a series of machines ostensibly capable of initiating a runaway greenhouse effect on the surface of Mars. This will, while drastically raising global temperatures, also significantly raise atmospheric pressure on Mars, making the planet more habitable to human beings.

“By the time the first crew gets there,” said the anonymous source, “some forms of vegetation will have already taken root. These will undoubtedly be eaten the settlers for nourishment. The air will be completely breathable to humans, thus considerably lowering the difficulty-level of maintaining a permanent settlement on Mars. Most likely there will be liquid water as well. This will provide us with life-sustaining drinking water. So you see, all factors have indeed been considered.”

When prodded for more details regarding the time table of the terraforming process, our anonymous source spoke in vague, dodgy language.

Click to fill out your application for Mars One.

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