How Long Should I Make Out For?

couple making out

Making out for too long can be tricky business. Finish up too quickly and you might come across as uninterested and/or inexperienced. Take too long and your mouth starts to get dry and gross. There’s no shortage of tips for making out online, but it’s hard to find a final answer to the very straightforward question:

How long do I make out for?

You make out for eight minutes and 17 seconds. Psychologist and relationship coach Dr. Perla Covats says, as far as most make out sessions are concerned, that’s the average time before the combined heat of both partners’ mouths will start to affect the salivary glands inside. This will reduce slickness in the tongue and leave the inside of your mouth more conducive to bad-breath-causing bacteria.

What if I want to make out for longer?

Dr. Covats has an answer for this as well: “If you want to make out for longer than eight minutes and 17 seconds, just make sure you’re properly hydrated. If you’re really having a good time the pungent breath shouldn’t really matter.” The Institute of Medicine recommends about three liters of fluid for men and 2.2 liters for women. Sounds like a lot, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay if you want to keep those make out sessions from drying up.

What if I make out for too short?

Making out for too short can be embarrassing once you realize you’ve done it. But if you’re fortunate enough to have caught yourself in time you still have options. Two of them. You can take your partner by the chin and say, in your best leading-man voice, “Well now hell, I know I can do better than that,” and then go in for round two. Did I say two of them? Really it’s just the one.

Everybody’s different, so take these tips for making out with a grain of salt. Actually don’t, that might dehydrate you further. But you get the idea. Next time you’re with that special someone, just take a deep breath and a long gulp of water, and go for it. Want to know how long to make out for? For as long as you want.

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