Celebrity Telethon for the Blogfish!

Okay readers, we are just 1 “like,” 1 “comment,” and 1 “follow” away from reaching our goal of supplying the blogfish with the love and nourishment he so desperately needs. That’s right, we’re almost there, and we have practicallyserious.com celebrities RIGHT NOW working the phones, taking donations. Yes, you read that correctly. If you leave a like/comment/follow within the next couple of days, you will have the opportunity to chit chat with some of practicallyserious.com’s most recognized celebrities, such as: Bob Wickipy AND Lawrence Tolchin from the paranormal blogging investigators; the blog-rover Creativity (actually, his bespectacled handlers in Cape Kennedy will be the ones taking the calls); the disembodied wordspirit Lyker (fellow bloggers: I’m told that as thanks, Lyker will unreservedly “like” a bunch of your own blog’s posts without reading them); and the Blog-Post Assassin, himself. We guarantee that all likes/follows/comments donated to this blogpost will reach the blogfish directly. No middlemen to muddle the operation; you can trust this post. Don’t pass up on this awesome opportunity. Get some names to “drop” at your next cheese-and-wine dinner party!

Read “Please Feed My Blogfish” here!

Click to read more about our celebrity guest operators:

Bob Wickipy/ Lawrence Tolchin /Creativity/ Lyker / Blog-Post Assassin

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3 Responses to Celebrity Telethon for the Blogfish!

  1. List of X says:

    Will my comment be tax-deductible?

    • (LAWRENCE TOLCHIN): “Uhhh. Tax deductible? That’s a very good question. I have no idea. I mean, probably? I didn’t know I’d have to answer any businessman-questions. I’m just a B-level practicallyserious.com celebrity! I mean, they just told me just to pick up the phone if and when it rang, and then sorta just chit chat a little with the people making the donations. Geez, why’d I have to get the guy asking all the businessman-questions? Why couldn’t Lyker have picked up this comment instead? But…on a different note, I CAN tell you that, with your comment, we have reached our goal and SAVED THE BLOGFISH!!! Thanks so much!”

  2. cestlavie22 says:

    Congrats! I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Please go to the post where I nominated your blog. There you will find 11 questions to answer as an acceptance for the award and it is now your task to nominate 11 worthy bloggers!


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