Please Feed My Blogfish

Please Feed My Blogfish

These are the words for the blogfish. The blogfish is a special kind of fish that only lives in blogwords. It uses them like water, drawing oxygen from their awkwardness. You probably haven’t noticed, but the old blogfish, Patrick II, died of starvation very shortly after I published his original blogpost; and that, immediately afterwards, I’d surreptitiously replaced that poor soul with a new fish that is kinda the same size and color (black & white). The first one was murdered. By you. By your negligence. Even after I Patrick IIIwent out of my way to say that blogfish eat “likes” and “user comments” and new “follows,” very few readers gave that post a like, and/or a comment. Nor, on the occasion of that particular post, did garner a single new follower. I wasn’t asking for much. I mean, a single follow would have kept the blogfish alive for almost a year! And if that’s me being greedy, then what about this: a single user comment would have kept the blogfish alive for at least six or seven months. That would have been plenty of time for the poor little guy to have a decent life of eating and swimming and pooping. So, in the name of all that is holy, help me keep New  Blogfish alive. At least “like” this post. That’ll get him out of the starting gate.

If you would like to donate a comment, but don’t know what to write about, then how about trying to help me come up with an official name for New Blogfish? Or else I’ll just call him Patrick III.

Read about my ill-fated first blogfish here!

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2 Responses to Please Feed My Blogfish

  1. Dave is an excellent name for a fish … just sayin’

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