8 Reasons Women Like Kissing With Eyes Closed

kissing with eyes closed

Most women kiss with their eyes closed, though not necessarily because they’re enjoying themselves…

Hey guys, ever notice how women always kiss with their eyes closed? Ever wonder why? All things being equal, shouldn’t they just keep their eyes open? In today’s economy, why do women expend extra energy closing their eyelids when leaving them open would work just as well? Keep reading…

8 Reasons Women Keep Their Eyes Closed While Kissing

  1. The guy is so pathetic and boring at kissing that, moments into the make-out, the girl falls deep into REM sleep.
  2. It is 23 A.D., Jerusalem. The man has severe leprosy and the uneducated peasant girl is under the erroneous impression that closing her eyes during the make-out session will help protect her from infection.
  3. The hard-to-please girl wants to hide the fact that she’s theatrically—and uncontrollably—rolling her eyes at every clumsy swing of the man’s tongue.
  4. She misheard the old rumor about how if you sneeze with your eyes open your eyeballs will pop out of your head.  She thinks this somehow applies to making out.
  5. She has two glass eyes and doesn’t want them to fog up.
  6. The girl is actually a Marvel X-Man and if she opens her eyes sans protective visor she’ll emit a supercharged laser blast that will disintegrate her date’s head, and half the house too.
  7. She’s blind in the first place and, for lack of evidence to the contrary, is under the impression that her eyelids are open.
  8. She is trying to hold in a fart.

Check out a whole different (and more coherent) take on why women like kissing with eyes closed.

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1 Response to 8 Reasons Women Like Kissing With Eyes Closed

  1. cestlavie22 says:

    I always thought girls closed their eyes when they were being kissed because they were afraid of being nose punched in the eye…clearly I am the ONLY one…

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