Flash Fiction: “Cat Puppeteer”

Cat Puppeteer

Many nights, after C15 (the cyborg) checked the food bowl to make sure Ston had considered the food, he switched on the laser pointer embedded in his fingertip and went in search for the cat. When he found him lazing on the couch in the ship’s entertainment room he got his attention quick by putting a laser dot on the wall and shaking it around. Ston’s eyes turned black with fun-madness and he sunk low to the ground, butt in the air, ready to pounce. C15 then moved the dot to the couch, to right in front of Ston’s front paws, and he jiggled it there to watch Ston jiggle his head. C15 loved to feel like a puppeteer of the cat. He could control exactly how fast Ston jiggled his head and when he froze too.

Ston didn’t look safe to cuddle at moments like that, right before an attack on the dot. He looked like he was receiving commands from a separate universe where all the cats are nervous and have black pupils. At last Ston launched at the jittering dot. C15 then made the dot dart back up to the wall, and Ston ricocheted madly after it. Finally the cat gave up and returned to his pre-launch posture; head down, butt up. His eyes still black with excitement, and sharply following the laser bug on the wall. C15 was happy when Ston’s eyes were mad with fun, because it meant he was still young and had plenty of good vibrant cat years ahead of him.


To learn a little more about C15, check out the following short story!

Box of Peaches

Or, for a practicallyserious article about what usually goes on in a cat’s mind, click here!

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