Flash Fiction: “Leap in Literacy”

Leap in Literacy

Jert kept his word. After dinner the lessons began. First it was kiddie books with the really big words that you could read from the other side of the room in the dark if you already knew how to read. Stowaway Lahluu followed the words with her finger. It was like a car driving on crazy roads. She tried to sound out the sounds but got too distracted watching her finger, so she had to wait for Jert to sound out most of the word and then she’d just finish it for him. But soon she learned to stop with the finger and focus on what sounds the letters made. She read through a book about a baby Death Dog with Jert only filling in sounds once in a while. Gradually she got through the books with less and less Jert until she read a whole book all by herself.


I dedicate this epic tale to all my Americorps friends.

Need more Jert? Follow this link.

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