Life Before Smartphones: Official Quiz

Scantron FormOkay, today’s the big day! All textbooks and notebooks under your desks. Eyes on your own work. Double check and make sure your pencil is a Number 2 (but if you’re only packing a number 3 or 4, that’s fine too). We’ve been studying for weeks now. This is where your hard work pays off. This will be a really short quiz, only one question, so I expect that we’ll all be done before recess. If you pass, you will be officially certified in knowing that life is more convenient with Smartphones. This can be a real resume booster, so how about let’s take this a little seriously.


Please feel free to share the gift of learning with your loved ones this holiday season by demanding they click on each of the following links and hit “like” on all of them. If you do this for me I will be happy to make some favorable adjustments to your score on the quiz.


Angry Birds

Booty Call

Taking Down a Girl’s Number

Taking Snapshots

Navigating Your Way Out of a Big City

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2 Responses to Life Before Smartphones: Official Quiz

  1. List of X says:

    Why isn’t there an answer for “life after smartphones?” Whatever replaces then has to be even more awesome.

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