Life Before Smartphones

Life Before Smartphones (Prelude)

Nowadays we take them for granted, sure. It’s very very hard to imagine how we ever got along without smartphones. They’ve become an extension of us. Just another body part that throbs in our pants and requires attention. When for some reason we forget them back on our kitchen tables or bed stands, we feel naked and afraid and useless until we’re together once again. We feel like we left our child at the train station with a strange man, only twice as bad.

We wonder—what was it like in the days before smartphones? How did the poor bastards ever endure? Seems crazy but yes, folks did manage to get by without these sexy, sleek, tumor-encouraging staples of convenience. Just wasn’t pretty is the thing…

Over the coming days and weeks will explore this topic in gory details, like it or not. We will dig deep to derive a greater understanding of how life was in the barbaric days of pre-smartphone America, exploring specific everyday scenarios to help us better comprehend the sometimes subtle differences between now and then. By the time we’re done you will be qualified for blog-certification attesting to your mastery of this important subject matter. Play your cards right, could be a great interview killer!

Hope to see you here for our groundbreaking new series “Life Before Smartphones,” starting soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Check out the entire series before I even finish writing it:

Life Before Smartphones

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3 Responses to Life Before Smartphones

  1. becca3416 says:

    Oh, that reminds me, I need to switch my charger from my iPad to my IPhone before it dies and I have to resort to using just my iPod. Tragic huh?

  2. cestlavie22 says:

    Life before smart phones? You mean like cave man living?

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