Scary Blog-Posts to Tell in the Dark

So Halloween’s coming up and I figured this might be a good opportunity to indulge, unapologetically, in some old fashioned scary/creepy stories. Once in a while I write a quick flash-fiction piece for this blog and it comes out so heinously creepy/weird I just end up brushing the thing under the carpet and leaving it there. And stomping on the carpet. At one point I was considering starting a whole new blog entitled “Village of the Crazies,” where my mutant monster stories can band together and thrive, enjoying the camaraderie of a community of like-minded peers. In the same altruistic spirit as my forthcoming Paragraph Orphanage. But in truth, I don’t feel I have enough time even for one blog, let alone two. So my creepy tales must compete for only a few available slots on In general, I must repress them, lest their growing numbers turn the tide and permanently “creep out” this blog. Especially with the Creativity Rover so close to proving that is capable of supporting humorous blog-posts, why risk spoiling such an incredible moment in this blog’s short history?

But if I have a legit excuse, that’s a little different. October is a time when ghost and goblins and urinating gigantors can walk the blog-streets in peace, without fear of ridicule from’s 77 followers. I can spew out quick a couple of “strange tales” before the month’s over, and just call it Halloween decorations!

Therefore it is my distinguished pleasure to announce a new series on “Scary Blog-Posts to Tell in the Dark.” Things are going to get unspeakably wicked around here for a couple weeks. The next few posts are not for the faint of heart. Look for some spine-chilling flash fiction, berserk creativity, and a visit from some old friends. As well, stay tuned for some more award-winning illustrations by the artist known as “Mongol.”

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2 Responses to Scary Blog-Posts to Tell in the Dark

  1. becca3416 says:

    I like urinating gigantors, so I am excited.

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