Creativity Rover Ready to Test “Word” Laser

The Creativity rover team has completed an elaborate set of diagnostics on eleven of the rover’s twelve science instruments. According to PSSA, the final instrument—WURDCam—will be tested later this afternoon. WURDCam, of course, is arguably Creativity’s most valuable scientific asset. This MIT-designed instrument will fire a military-grade laser at specifically targeted posts from’s archives, creating a fine mist of worddust that can be analyzed to determine the presence (or absence) of humor in the blog’s archival records.

“We’ve been taking this nice and slow because—pardon my French—we don’t want to muck this up,” said PSSA administrator Benny Shmogston. “But I’m pleased to report that, so far, we have a healthy rover on our hands and we’re about ready to do some real science here.” Shmogston says that the Creativity operators fully expect the WURDCam test to be an unqualified success.

Later this afternoon WURDCam will fire a sequence of three laser pulses at a preselected blog-post from the recent past. “Of course we’re not expecting to find any humor in a modern blog-post. If there’s humor on this blog it’s certainly not right there on the surface. Anyone can see that. But this exercise will give us a chance to calibrate our systems and get ready to finally stretch our legs.” Shmogston added that, barring any unforeseen obstacles, Creativity will be ready to begin its primary mission in the coming weeks.

Creativity landed on the surface of at 10:32 p.m. Pacific time on August 6, 2012, looking for signs of past or present humor on the dismal surface of Derek’s unfamous blog.


To find out what happens next, click here!

To follow Creativity’s mission from the very beginning, check out this post!

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