Latest Blog-Post Declared Overdue, Search Underway

Bill’s latest blog-post, expected to arrive at earlier this morning, has officially been declared overdo. recently issued a preliminary statement indicating that all communication with the post ceased at approximately 10:47 Thursday night, the sudden change in draft-status suggestive of an accident. Search parties have already been dispatched into Bill’s harddrives, though the general outlook is bleak. Said rescue coordinator Thom Fogerty, “We think it’s possible Bill was overly tired when he wrote the post in question, and when a writer is suffering from that level of exhaustion he might experience a kind of vertigo. A common pitfall in this scenario. It is possible Bill hit ‘close’ instead of ‘save as,’ or something to that effect.”

Insiders close to Bill say he should have never set out to write the post so late at night when his only good writing comes at about 11:00am. “He’s reckless,”  said Ralph Sternwhistle, a biographer of Mr. Carson. “He’s a risk-taker. He wasn’t ready for night writing, period.” Sternwhistle, who wrote the well-received Bill Carson biography “Bill: He Rose Like a Rocket,” is one of the 69 followers of Bill’s blog.

Experts fear the worst. Though success is considered unlikely, rescue operations will continue for an additional 48 hours. “If no blog-post is found by then,” said Fogerty, “at that point what we’re talking about is a file-recovery mission.”

This would have been the first new blog-post at in three weeks, the longest silent-period yet for the popular blog.

“Please pray for my blog-post,” said a teary-eyed Bill, friends and family gathered at his side.

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