My Blog’s Very Own Pet: The Wordfish

These words are the water for the Wordfish. He lives here in this post. It’s like his fish tank. These aren’t just normal words and this isn’t a normal post. The Wordfish (Patrick II) gets his oxygen from these sentences, and so I must be sure to keep everything I say here crisp and clean. Probably every once in a while I’ll have to come back to this post and change some of the words and replace them with new words, just to keep the wordwater nice and fresh for Patrick II. He is’s pet. He is the only pet ever owned by a blog that I’m aware of. But can’t take care of Patrick II all by itself, because a blog is also a social thing and so other people must contribute. You see, Patrick II can only digest “likes” and, maybe if it’s his birthday, “comments.” A “follow” would be like the equivalent of eyedropping expensive dark blue fish-medicine into the tank to help keep Patrick II’s body nice and strong, his fins un-decayed, and his slimecoat extra slimy. At least every few weeks he’ll need to be fed so please help. Yes, I know deep down you all want to help but that won’t be enough; you’ll have to actually reach into your heart—and your pocket—to help change this fish’s life.  A little goes a long way. Please help take care of its new pet.

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7 Responses to My Blog’s Very Own Pet: The Wordfish

  1. Matthew Tapp says:

    You need to get Sarah Mclachlan to make a commercial for you. Everyone will be moved to help Patrick II.

  2. kenton says:

    Totally stumbled on this by accident. It’s hilarious. Nice job sir.

  3. kenton says:

    WAIT. You made “Snakes on a Train”. That is so beyond awesome.

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