“Creativity” Rover Lands on practicallyserious.com!

“Creativity” Rover has survived its daring plunge through the atmosphere and safely touched down on the surface of practicallyserious.com at 10:32 p.m. Pacific time (1:32 a.m. EDT/0532 GMT). All signs indicate a perfect landing. “We’re all very thrilled,” said PSSA administrator Benny Shmogston. “This is a landmark moment for the 66 followers of practicallyserious.com. They should know that they have a priceless asset sitting safely inside the blog and they should be proud. Now it’s time to see where ‘creativity’ can take us!”

While the initial thumbnail photograph beamed back via the 2.5-billion-dollar rover’s transmitter reveals the surface of the blog to be an endless desert of unfunniness, it is PSSA’s hope that traces of humor can be found on practicallyserious.com beneath the surface. Practicallyserious.com is believed to have once been a funny blog, capable of supporting the existence of humorous posts. Some scientists even project that practicallyserious.com can one day again support a bustling colony of funny crap. “That’s what Creativity is all about: discovering whether or not the essential building blocks are there.”

How soon can we expect answers? “First we’ll want to take it slow,” said Shmogston. “We’re going to thoroughly test all of Creativity’s ten science instruments before setting out into the blog archives and searching for signs of habitability. We’ll have to all be patient. In the weeks to come we hope to have something for you.”


To find out what happens next, click here!

To relive the beginning of Creativity’s journey, follow this link.

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4 Responses to “Creativity” Rover Lands on practicallyserious.com!

  1. Matthew Tapp says:

    I’m really digging your posts! I love who you kinda create a world within your blogs- like you are doing with this and how you did with the blog post assassin. Excited to see what the creativity rover finds!

    • thanks man, I appreciate it! I decided to just try and have as much fun as possible with the whole “blog” thing. And I expect a lot of good science to come out of the Creativity rover.

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