“Creativity” Rover Set to Enter Atmosphere

“Creativity” Rover is making its final approach to practicallyserious.com and, if all goes well, will be landing on schedule at 1:20am tonight (Monday morning) after engaging in a nerve-wracking seven-minute plunge through the blog’s awkward paragraphs—the “Seven Minutes of Terror.”

The nuclear-powered rover will search the surface of practicallyserious.com for tell-tale signs indicating whether or not funny writing has ever existed there. It has long been suspected by leading PSSA (practicallyserious Space Agency) scientists that practicallyserious.com was once habitable to funny posts, and although it’s unlikely that any such writing will be found openly on the surface of the blog, there is a good chance that evidence of such writing still exists, frozen beneath the crust.

Creativity’s prime mission will assess the past and future comedy potential of practicallyserious.com.

If the state-of-the-art rover survives the treacherous landing through the toxic sentences of the following blog-post, PSSA scientists expect to receive a signal from the rover some time tomorrow morning.


For continuing coverage of Creativity’s mission, follow this link.

To relive the thrilling launch of Curiosity on board the Hercules 3 rocket, check out this post!

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