“Yessenia’s Turbine”

Yessenia’s Turbine

First I’m building the turbine, and then the wings and then the plane. It already has a name, the whole plane: Mexicano II. I’m building the turbine first and I’ll paint it green because that’s what color Mexicano II will be when it’s finished. I’m building it for my dad but he don’t know. Then I’ll have the whole 747 and I’ll give it to my dad and he can sell it and buy me a car.

See that plane up there in the sky right now? Look. You’re not looking look! That’s the same exact plane as Mexicano II except it’s green and I own it to give to my dad.

I got the blueprints on the internet, the way to build it. I printed a picture of the exact turbine, so I know how to build mine. I went with dad to Home Depot to get a million dumb tiles in heavy boxes I couldn’t even pick up. Dad laughed then picked the boxes up because I’m not supposed to be able to anyway. And I put some screws and metal rings in my same pocket with the hot chili mango sucker in it, and I didn’t pay, but back in the aisles there were a million of both, so nobody will know I stole. I paid for the mango sucker with my own money. Not the screws and metal things.

Dad came into the backyard and said what are you building in the dirt, and I said not like I’m building a plane or anything. He didn’t know what I was talking about. He just laughed. He took a avocado off the ground from the tree and went inside, and he has no idea I’m building a 747. He makes guacamole with the avocados on our tree. That means there will be chips tonight awesome.

When I’m done the turbine will be as big as dad’s truck only giant. I’ll have to build a building to put it in so he doesn’t know I’m building it. Then I will cover the building with a blanket so dad doesn’t see the building or the turbine or the blueprints. I will have to knock down the fence when I build the wings though. I’ll knock down the fence and then see old lady that lives behind us who yells at the ghosts in the middle of the night, and came out with a shotgun once and my dad yelled at her. Maybe she’ll be dead of old age by the time I build Mexicano II. She’s dumb and she thinks you can kill a ghost with a shotgun and not just get it more mad.

I will paint Mexicano II green like the inside of the avocado not the outside. Light green. I will go with dad to Home Depot when he goes to buy a table saw, which he said will be soon, and then I’ll take more screws and nails. I’ll ask dad to buy me the big pieces I’ll need. I’ll say it’s for the science fair. I’ll say Yes I know it’s summer but it’s for next year science fair duh. I’ll buy the rest of what I need with my own money. Because my plan is I’ll sell pancakes for three weeks and then I’ll have all this money for the 747.

So it’ll be a BMW except painted green and the license plate says “My Enemy is Megatron.” Or “Yessenia’s Green BMW” or “I hate my evil twin sister.” I will make dad show me how to drive in the backyard. We’ll do it when there’s no helicopters flying low, the same color sheriff ones or the regular police ones that are black and white. If they see me they’ll arrest me because I can’t drive a car because I’m too young to drive a car.

Only I need the wood to make the sign for the pancakes. Yessenia’s Famous Pancakes, Ten Dollars a Pancake with syrup and butter. I will use a sharpie marker I found at school on the recess field by where Ernesto caught the cockaroach in the plastic bag and kept it alive and I was jealous. I wanted to buy it but he told me I have no friends and I hate him now. I will write the wood sign with that sharpie.

Only one problem. I actually have a problem. I have NO IDEA where I’m gonna get the wood!!!!!


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