Flash Fiction: “Bigger Brother”

Bigger Brother

The man led his son off the field and knelt down in the dry grass to speak to him. Behind them the children continued their game of two-hand-touch in the swirling autumn breeze. He looked at his son and smiled because he was such a good boy. So skinny and pale and often sick. Freckles.

“Ernie,” he said. “I want you to throw it to your brother. Give him a chance.”

Ernie, wheezing and light-headed, shrugged his dainty shoulders. “Aw dad! Burt’s too huge and strong. Nobody likes him!”

“Right,” said the man as a windgust cologned him in the face. He adjusted his thick glasses. “You’re his smaller brother and you have to watch out for him.”

Ernie turned towards the field, where a muscular, broad-shouldered boy was a bulldog beef-stalking about in a field of poodles. “But dad!” He threw open his hands. “He sucks!”

The father took a heavy breath, balanced his crouch against the bullying wind, then said plaintively, “Ernie. That’s just how the world is; little guys get all the opportunities bea—“HEY POST, BILL CARSON GIVES YOU HIS REGARDS! (stab stab stab stab stab)


If you have no idea what just happened, check out this post.

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