Friday Flash Fiction: “Crazy Moths”

Crazy Moths

Richard thumpscraped the Buick station wagon over the curb for McDonald’s. For a moment both kids in the back seat hovered weightless, then bashed up against the roof like fists striking a baking pan. They flopped down limp, out for the count. Rich thought this was a good thing because now they wouldn’t make any mistakes about looking outside the windows.

He bounced the car blindly, crashed it along the curve, around the building, always keeping his gaze low, anchored to the dash, avoiding the sky, the air. A smell of sparks and rubber whooshed into the car’s cabin.

The Buick screeched and squealed, stopped at the drive-through window. Rumor had it there were people inside, of sound mind, distributing stale chicken patties to those who braved the streets. He couldn’t know unless he took a real peek out the car.

Deep breath. Stomach gurgle. Looked at his rag doll kids first. Then he turned to take a real peek outside the car.

Big mistake.

There were two of them there on the bricks just under the drive-though window. Of colors and shapes bold and busy: Crazy moths.

No time to look away. In less than a second the weirdness of their wings, those strange designs, screwed Richard’s brain like spaghetti. He laughed as his mind cracked and his foot eased numbly from the brake.


To find out what happens next, follow this link!

This story was written as part of “100-word Flash Fiction Friday.” But I had to cheat this week and give myself an extra hundred words or else the story would make even less sense than it does now.

For more practicallyserious flash fiction, check out this story!

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15 Responses to Friday Flash Fiction: “Crazy Moths”

  1. Great read! You created a gloomy atmosphere with lots of tension. Seems like a sort of a post-apocalyptic scenario, although I wonder if you could have mentioned (with a word or 2) exactly what they survived? Liked your description of the kids, I could really see & hear what was going on!

    Here’s my link for this week, hope you check it out:

  2. Kwadwo says:

    Moths driving people crazy.
    In the past 24hrs, I’ve read a number of stories where moths are either conspiring or doing strange things to people.
    Interesting read.

    Here’s mine:

  3. becca3416 says:

    What happened to the kids?!

  4. oni1138 says:

    I am SO not looking at moths anymore!!! very cool 🙂

  5. abraham says:

    haha i always said moths were scary !!

  6. Stacey says:

    Sounded like Richard was going a wee bit crazy before the moths turned up! I liked the description of “nervous skin.”

    I’m not sure if it was deliberate, but the way Richard thoughts were completely removed from the story was pretty disturbing to me as a reader (and added to my belief he was a little nutty).

    Your voice is pretty unique, I’m looking forward to next week 🙂

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