3 Smart Ways to Save Gas

3 Smart Ways to Save Gas

With gas prices now hanging out above $4/gallon here in Los Angeles, everybody wants to save gas however they can. I’ve decided to put together a new set of gas-saving tips for my loyal readers. Hope this helps.

  1. Get your bible and start preaching to it for as long as it takes for the gas to acknowledge God’s love.
  2. If you go to a haughty dinner party with your gas, and at some point in the night you notice that a pretentious college professor has cornered the gas and won’t stop talking to it about politics, subtly move over to where they are and clear your throat a few times until your gas sees you and eagerly uses you as an excuse to escape the chatty professor.
  3. If your gas falls down into a well and is unable to climb back out, hire a team of miners to dig an adjacent hole exactly as deep as the well. Then have them dig across with pickaxes until they get to the well. Then have them transfer the gas into the other hole and take it back up to the surface on their makeshift elevator.

These are all ways to save gas.


For more practicallyserious tips to help you save at the pump, check out this post.

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