5 “Bad” Boyfriend Traits That Are Really Not So Bad After All

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Ladies, ladies, ladies! You really need to learn how to look on the bright side when your boyfriend categorically fails to meet your expectations. It all comes down to how you perceive and react to those silly things he does. If you foster the right mentality, it’s possible your relationship can even benefit from all those quirky behaviors you think of as “bad qualities” in a boyfriend.

Here are five examples of bad boyfriend traits that are really not so bad after all…

1. He wets the bed. Some ladies might see this boyfriend trait as a deal breaker, but a bedwetting boyfriend can provide his partner with a whole new level of intimacy–when he demands that you clean his sheets right after he did his business, and he does this time and again, you’ll eventually develop a sort of mother/son bond with him that simply wasn’t there before. You will learn to love him as a man and as your child, and it will enhance the relationship with a whole new layer of love.

2. He brings other women home to where you live. Why is it so bad when your boyfriend comes home to your apartment dragging behind him a mysterious, wildly inebriated woman? It’s not so bad if you look at it for what it is: an opportunity to see what type of girl he thinks is “hot,” so that you could then go buy similar clothes and try to be just like that woman. Think of it as free advice!

3. He still plays with action figures and he’s 32. How is this such a bad thing? Really, it’s actually pretty good practice for when the two of you have children together. When your sons won’t stop leaving their Power Rangers and their GI Joes all over the house, even after you’ve told them not to a million times, all you’ll have to do to correct the situation is remember how you handled it when your husband did it and then just do that again for the kids.

4. He plays Russian roulette at the kitchen table with his friends on Thursdays. What’s so bad about this, can somebody please tell me that? I mean besides the occasional very-loud-noise. If your boyfriend does this every Thursday it means eventually he will either run out of friends (in which case you’d finally have him all to yourself) or he’ll be killed himself (and is that really such a bad thing—I mean he freakin’ wets the bed!).

5. He practices his trumpet in bed every night at 3:30 am. Seriously, why do most woman look at this as a bad quality? I mean, clearly he’s got the discipline to eventually become good if you give him a couple years. If he becomes a famous trumpeter I doubt you’ll be complaining then. You’ll probably tell the magazines that you were the one waking him up at 3:30 and demanding he practice, practice, practice!

[inspired by a post about bad boyfriend traits on yahoo.com]

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7 Responses to 5 “Bad” Boyfriend Traits That Are Really Not So Bad After All

  1. Laura says:

    I’m not sure about #4 — does he clean up afterwards, or does he leave all the spattered blood and brain matter for me to deal with? Because I hate that.

  2. Rinth says:

    Hahahahah that’s hilarious! Loving your posts!

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