Amazing Inventions You Didn’t Know About: patent # 12553-322A-87

Practicallyserious patent # 125553-322A-87

Gasoline/Water Converter for Automobile Security


Machine converts the gasoline in your car’s gas tank into non-combustible tap water, for use as a security measure when you’ve parked your car for the night. Since your car can’t run on water, nobody can steal it while you sleep. Machine also has the bonus ability to convert tap water into combustible gasoline, so when you are ready to go to work the next morning, you can re-convert the water to fuel your vehicle will once again be road worthy. Product projected to save consumers a decent amount of money because they won’t have to buy new cars because their first cars won’t be stolen.

Inventors: Bill Carson (NJ)

Assignee: Alternative Security Solutions (Los Angeles, CA)

Application Number: 02/123214-12

Applied: March 19, 2012

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