Useful Microsoft Word Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About

If over the years you’ve used Microsoft Word as your document-writing software of choice, chances are you know at least a couple of time-saving “shortcuts” by now. You may know that CTRL-P means “print document,” and that CTRL-S means “save document,” and surely you know that CTRL-Z means “undo typing.” But there are many, many others. Microsoft really covered its bases when designing Microsoft Word and they really do have “shortcuts” figured out for just about anything. presents 5 lesser-known, but useful, Microsoft Word Shortcuts.

  1. CTRL + SHIFT + “E” = “Toggle Revision Marks”
  2. CTRL + SHIFT + “L” = “Apply a bullet list.”
  3. Irritably pound and then, in a fit of fury, violently bash at your keyboard for a good two minutes, and then, finally, push your monitor off the desk = “Buy a new computer. One that doesn’t experience a ‘fatal error’ seconds before you finish and save the longest, funniest blog post of your short blogging career (not the one you’re reading now).”
  4. Abruptly yank your computer’s power plug out of the wall and then kick the tower over and start stomping out its electric guts until it is, beyond any shadow of a doubt, stone dead = “Abort the ill-advised, ridiculously sappy, crudely-written love letter you just emailed to a girl who has very, very little respect for you in the first place.”
  5. Toggle “Caps Lock” on and off a few times and then pound away at “asfklmdsaim” and “ewruewfudewcu” for a few seconds until the computer starts beeping directly from the motherboard = “Arrive at the frustrating realization that your computer just had some kind of stroke and is now completely unresponsive to your frantic keyboarding. And so you are momentarily powerless to minimize the porn image up there on the screen and your son just walked into the room.”
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