Man Keeps 74 Cats and 1 Dog in His Camper

A man in Washington may be charged with animal cruelty for keeping 74 cats and one dog in his camper. When someone reported seeing multiple cats in the windows of the camper outside, King County Animal Control promptly arrived at the scene and found the camper to be unsafe for the animals. Jerry Reynolds, originally from Oregon, said that he didn’t want to leave the cats outside because he feared they couldn’t fend for themselves.

Right. So he puts them in a tight enclosed space with a dog?

Even if it was a small dog, a mild-mannered dog—how is this safer for the cats? We’ve all heard stories about somebody’s dog and cat that got along for five years, best of friends, and then one day the owner comes home and it looks like the cat exploded all over the living room, and the dog’s just sitting there with a disturbingly calm look in its eye. Now add 73 cats to that story and make the house a hell of a lot smaller. In a small camper chock-full-O-74 cats the lone dog simply wouldn’t be able to avoid murdering at least some of them! The dog wouldn’t be able to yawn without having some cat use its maw as a stepladder to get to the top of its head (where a second cat sat waiting). In fact, it’s likely that such a dog would have to eat its way past three or four cats just to get to the cats covering the food bowl, and surely by that time the dog would have developed a preference for “wet food.” No, Jerry Reynolds, this doesn’t sound like a safe situation to me, not if you’re one of the 74 cats.

If this man gets jail time maybe they should consider put ting him in a small, cold cell with 73 other “cat-hoarders,” and then shove in an additional prisoner who had a grenade in his hand, sans pin. “Yeah,” the dopey warden might say, “It’s a little cramped in there, lot of bumping shoulders and elbows, and I can see your fears about the unpinned-grenade. But as long as the guy don’t drop it it won’t blow up. He’s got a decent grip. I assure you–our friend Jerry Reynolds is much safer in our little cell than he’d be on the outside fending for himself. Like, what happens if he gets stuck in a tree?”

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