About “Derek”

Blogadach Perlman

Prof. Bernstein

WritingAssignment 3



a poem by Blogadach Perlman

Hi, Ms. Bernstein. I decided to do my poem on a blogger guy who claims his name is Derek. Though I don’t really believe that’s his real name. I mean it can’t be. That’s such a dumb way to spell the name “Dehrreck.”

Actually I don’t have much to say about this guy. My internet research quickly degenerated into a wild goose chase that I never want to go on again. But from what I could tell he’s trying to be some kind of writer. I say this because, after months of studying his droppings, I think I’ve finally stumbled upon one of his lairs: a place called practicallyserious.com. I’ve tried to make contact with him by leaving a “comment” on some of his eclectic posts but pretty much all I can get out of him is “Thanks so much!” so I just gave up and started to write this Petrachan Sonnet.

Thank you for reading my poem, Mrs. Bernstein. Be advised that if you give me a passing grade I will do everything in my power to get you fired for incompetence.


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